Workshop: Medicinal Teas


Join me on Wednesday September 13th as we walk the fields and forests of Hillier, examining plants and trees as they move into autumn mode.  

Learn to recognize the plants by their seed heads, so that even during the winter months you’ll be able to identify them.  This useful skill will help you to more easily recognize the young plants when their leaves return next spring–a season when identification can be the most tricky.


In the latter half of the workshop, we will experiment with brewing and tasting various medicinal teas.  We’ll examine different brewing methods that help achieve the maximum benefit from the herbs used.


Participants may also have the chance to bring home some fresh-harvested herbs which can be dried for your own use during the winter months.


Bring your questions and your taste buds, and join us…

This is the 4th in a series of 5 workshops in the 2017 Summer-Fall Workshop Series.  For more info on the series, please click HERE

Medicinal Tea Workshop

Wednesday September 13th 6-9 pm

Hillier Hall, 18560 Loyalist Pkwy (Hwy 33) PEC

Located northwest of Wellington

Cost: $50

Please click HERE to register

For more info, please CONTACT ME




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