The first workshop in the 2017 Summer-Fall Workshop Series will involve the preparation of an herbal-infused oil

We will begin the workshop with a stroll through a local park and field where we will identify and have the chance to harvest from the edible & medicinal wild plants found there

Many of the plants we will find grow wild all around these parts, so once you learn to recognize them, you can harvest them elsewhere in the future

Because we are close to the summer solstice, many plants are beginning to flower these days.  And many flowers release their medicinal properties nicely when infused in oil.  Thus, we will have the opportunity in the second part of the workshop to prepare a fresh plant infusion in oil


Plant resins and volatile oils, among other medicinal constituents give themselves readily to oil as they slowly absorb the sun’s rays into their infusion over the course of a month.  Once infused, the herbal oil can be used topically for things like skin rashes, bites, wounds, bruises and sore muscles or joints.  We’ll discuss the properties of the infused oil we make, and look at some harvesting and preparation techniques to get the most benefit from the herbs.  At the end of the workshop, you can take home your infused oil for personal use.  You’ll also take home the skills to make your own future oil infusions.


For ease of use, an infused oil can also be hardened into an herbal salve.  That is what we will be making at next month’s workshop, July 26th…


This herbal workshop series consists of 5 workshops running monthly from June-October 2017.  

Find more info on the workshop series HERE   

Sign up for all 5 workshops by June 26th for a special rate.  Click HERE to sign up.

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