For the third workshop in the summer series, we will be preparing an herbal tincture.  A tincture is a preparation of herbs preserved in alcohol.  Tinctures are usually stored in dark glass bottles, and are often administered with droppers.


 In this tincture, we will use freshly harvested herbs that have not been dried.   


When we use fresh herbs, we get to preserve the properties of the living plant while it still has water embedded within its tissues.  These properties can differ to varying degrees from the properties of dried plants, which can also be used to make herbal tinctures or teas.  


As with all our workshops, this workshop will begin with a plant identification walk.  For about an hour and a half we will view the late August flora of Hillier, seeing what has survived, what is now blooming or fruiting, which wild foods and medicines we may want to be harvesting in the late summer, and which ones we can look forward to harvesting in the fall.

We will harvest the herbs intended for our tincture. Once our harvest is collected we will bring it back to the kitchen of the Hillier Hall where we will prepare our tinctures.  Each participant will bring home his/her own tincture to macerate (infuse) for about a month before straining and storing.


A tincture properly prepared and stored will last for many years, and can be kept for use as needed.


Once you have learned to prepare a tincture from fresh herbs, you will have the skills to make other herbal tinctures on your own, using herbs that you grow or harvest from wild plants.


This is the 3rd in a series of 5 workshops on herbal medicine, running from June-October 2017.  

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