2017 Winter-Spring Workshop Series



This 4-part workshop series covers natural approaches to various aspects of home health care, with a special focus on herbal medicine.


You can choose to participate in the workshop nearest you, as each workshop will be held twice at different locations: 

Belleville Public Library (254 Pinnacle St, Belleville)


Bloomfield Town Hall (289 Bloomfield Main St)

Each workshop also includes a “make & take” herbal project…

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 We’ll make a topic-appropriate herbal preparation which participants can bring home for personal use.





Sat Feb 4th 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library

Sun Feb 5th 2-4 pm, Bloomfield Town Hall

Stress, and Care of the Nervous System


In these fast-paced days of multiple demands on our time and energy, excessive stress is epidemic.  This takes its toll on our minds and bodies, causing various health struggles.  In this workshop we will focus on ways to minimize life’s stress, and to effectively handle unavoidable stress.  We’ll look at herbal adaptogens, herbs that support restful sleep, and those which restore the nervous system and adrenal glands.  We’ll also talk about holistic lifestyle approaches to stress management.

Make & Take Project: 


Bath Tea.  Choose your own blend of dried herbs to fill muslin bags that can be brewed in the tub for a soothing, restorative bath that eases body and mind.


Sat March 11th 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library

Sun March 5th 2-4 pm, Bloomfield Town Hall

Immune Support and Cold & Flu Care


Between fighting off pathogens, cleansing out debris and differentiating between hostile and healthy microbes, the immune system has a demanding job–especially in the winter.  In this workshop, we’ll discuss herbs that support healthy immune function, herbs and foods to take when you feel an illness coming on, ways to help prevent getting sick, and what to do when it happens anyway.  With the rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, this information is becoming more and more important for us all.

Make & Take Project:


Herbal Cough Syrup.  Together we’ll make a safe, effective and tasty brew that can be stored for future use.


Sat April 1st 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library

Sun April 2nd 2-4 pm, Bloomfield Town Hall

Digestive Health


Indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation, “the runs”, food sensitivies and nutrient absorption. All of these will be covered in this workshop that focuses on maintenance and repair of the gastrointestinal tract.  This is one of our most important body systems, as our digestive health impacts our energy levels, endocrine, circulatory and immune functions.  We’ll talk nutrition, detoxification, and of course…herbs.

Make & Take Project:






Herbal Vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits, particularly related to digestion.  When we infuse it with herbs, it becomes an accessible source of nutrients as well as a gentle detoxifying aid that strengthens and tones the system. 

Workshop 4

Sat May 6th 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library

Sun May 7th 2-4 pm, Bloomfield Town Hall

Inflammation: Causes & Cures


Inflammation plagues many of us in various ways.  In addition to the discomfort associated with arthritis, tendonitis and ailments resulting from muscle or joint overuse or injury, inflammation can increase blood pressure, cause digestive malfunction, and affect skin health. We’ll talk about the role of inflammation in health and illness.  We’ll then look at ways to reduce it when it becomes chronic. These involve nutrition, exercise and herbs.

Make & Take Project:


Herbal Salve.  Anti-inflammatory herbs are infused in oil, then blended with beeswax to create an easily-useable, soothing topical ointment to rub into painful, inflamed muscles, joints, tendons & ligaments.

Pre-registration required for all workshops.  

Cost: $35 per workshop OR $120 for all 4 workshops.

Click HERE to register or to inquire further…

…Interested in learning more about herbs? Stay tuned for new workshops coming up later this spring!