Healing Aims

As herbalist, I aim to:

  • Give my complete, undivided attention in consultations.
  • Absolutely guarantee that information given to me in consultation is welcomed without judgement, and kept confidential .
  • Find the root causes of illness and work to heal them (not just the symptoms).
  • Provide the tools to help your body heal and restore itself.
  • Personally harvest and prepare almost all the medicines I provide.
  • Offer nutritional and other suggestions to help support the healing process in your daily life.
  • Always consider any pharmaceutical medicines, supplements or other healing agents you may be taking, to ensure that the remedies I give are absolutely safe.

To see the best results from your treatment, I suggest that you aim to:

  • Provide all the pertinent information and details on your health history and concerns during our consult.
  • Be open to working on making gradual changes in your diet and lifestyle that will support your healing process.
  • Have the patience and perspective to realize that natural healing can work gradually, showing improvements step by step over time.  Health improvements, as they appear, often have a deeper, positively trans-formative and permanent effect.