This summer I am pleased to be offering a very special retreat in a beautiful woodland location!

I'll be joining muralist and story teller Maureen Walton at Wyldwood Sojourn in Londsdale Ontario for two days of plant connection, healing work and empowerment through deepening our appreciation of and care for the womb.  We'll look at the connection between the womb cycles and the moon cycles, and how this relates to plant medicines and womens wellness.  We'll identify and work with some of the local wild plants as food and medicine for women's wellness.  Maureen will share stories and myths related to the godesses and plants of womb and moon.  We'll learn to prepare herbal medicines that can be made ourselves in our own kitchens.  There will be a chance for silent meditation with all that we glean from the space and the teachings.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with like minded women. 

Plant based, wild infused meals will be provided by chef Chris Byrne. 

And accommodations in a Mongolian yurt, under a wooded canopy are included in the package as well!


July 6th 1 pm-July 7th 4 pm


Please visit Maureen's Webstite to Register HERE 

or  CONTACT ME for more info