Plant Identification Walk Schedule 2021…


You Are Welcome to Book a Walk at Any Time that Suits You

Simply CONTACT ME with a requested date & time

I can pick the location (or you can request a location, anywhere within the Quinte area--including your own land)

Cost: $25  adult    $5  child (under 18)  2 hours   $80 minimum   HST included    

Click HERE to Contact Me and Book a Walk


Every year from late spring to early fall, I schedule a monthly walk at a different location in the Quinte area, and participants are welcome to sign up and join me.  I was not able to do this in 2020 although I did have a busy season of delightful small group plant walks, that people booked privately. 

I am offering the same thing in 2021.  Booking a plant walk for a gathering of family and friends is a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion and connect with the nature that surrounds us.  Plant identification walks can be given via gift certificate as well.  


Please contact me for info about booking or gifting a plant walk.  If you're interested in naturalizing or rewilding the land where you live, you might also consider a REWILDING CONSULT