The air element is involved in the breath and rhythm of the respiratory tract.  It is also largely present in the digestive system, which requires the force of air to move contents through it.  If the movement within the digestive tract is blocked, we get trapped air or gas. 

We perceive the air element in light flower petals and feather-like seeds that float on the wind to pollinate or plant themselves.  The aromas of plants, which we perceive via our inhalations, also exhibit air element characteristics.  Many aromatic plants act as medicine in the respiratory and digestive systems.  Some of these are foods and spices while some are herbal medicines. 

In this workshop, we'll look at air imbalances within the body, such as respiratory and digestive blockages, infections, and allergies.  We'll also look at ways that bringing in the air element in the form of movement, breath work, foods and herbs can be helpful in restoring health and balance.

The make & take project for this workshop will be a carminative or respiratory tea blend for everyone create and use as needed.  Carminative herbs help to relax cramping and release stuck gas in the digestive system, relieving symptoms of indigestion.  Respiratory herbs can be used in cases of coughs, colds, asthma or allergies to help clear the airways.

Saturday April 6th, 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library, 254 Pinnacle St, 2nd floor Board Room


Sunday April 7th, 2-4 pm, Picton Town Hall, 2 Ross St 2nd floor, Picton 

This workshop is the 3rd in a four part series.  For more info on the series, please click HERE

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