Heat, blood flow, immune response & metabolism.  These are some of the characteristics of the active, quick moving fire element that we find within the body.  In this workshop we will discuss the ways that we can build up fire in the body using herbs, foods and movement with the goal of boosting immunity, increasing circulation, supporting heart function and raising metabolism.  We'll also discuss ways that excess fire can lead to imbalance such as inflammation & high blood pressure, and we'll look at ways to balance out excess fire.


Make & Take Project:  Fire Cider

An immune boosting herb-infused vinegar, filled with warming, antimicrobial herbs to help fight off pathogens and keep healthy & strong.

Saturday Feb 9th, 2-4 pm  

Belleville Public Library, Board Room (2nd floor) 254 Pinnacle St., Belleville ON


Sunday Feb 10th, 2-4 pm, Picton Town Hall, 2 Ross St, 2nd floor, Picton ON


This workshop is the first in a four part series.  

To learn more about the series, please click HERE