Water is the bringer of life.  It is where seeds gestate in preparation of sprouting or birth.  It resonates with the fluids in our bodies which both nourish us and carry away wastes.  Examples include the blood, lymph, mucus and amniotic fluid.  Water flows according to the design of its vessel, and the force laid upon it.  In the body, our blood is propelled by the force of the heart, and circulated in the blood vessels and capillaries.  If we cut ourselves the blood vessel opens and blood leaks out.   When the water element out of balance it can be similar to a leak, or a flood.  In these situations, water ends up where we don't want it and it doesn't get to where we need it.  

Plush green leaves strongly hold the characteristic of water in their colour and their veins which convey nutrients. Plants and trees that embody the water element include the willow who lives in or near water, and bends flexibly with the wind.  Also the thick, mucilage-rich plants like comfrey and marshmallow have the cooling, moistening properties of water.

In this workshop we will look at the characteristics of water as a nourisher and a cleanser within the body structure and function.  We'll discuss plants and foods that bring the water element, and we'll talk about water imbalances such as kidney and bladder issues, yeast overgrowth (yeast thrives in excessively damp conditions in the body) and excess mucus production.

The make & take project for this workshop will be an herbal tincture designed to influence the water element in the body. The tincture will be useful for drying up excessive moisture (such as excess mucus in the nose with a cold or allergies) or bringing in more soothing, nourishing moisture to heal irritated, inflamed membranes (such as in the case of a dry cough or bladder infection).

Saturday May 4th, 2-4 pm, Belleville Public Library, 254 Pinnacle St, 2nd floor Board Room


Sunday May 5th, 2-4 pm, Picton Town Hall, 2 Ross St 2nd floor, Picton


This workshop is the 4th in a four part series.  For more info on the whole series, please click HERE

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