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The County Wellness Show 

Saturday November 2nd

9;30 am-4 pm

I'll have all the Hawthorn Herbals products available.

I'm also giving a workshop from 3-4 pm titled Kitchen Witchery!

 We'll be working up some herbal magic, kitchen style, learning about some of the attributes of our pantry herbs and our wild plants, and making an infused herbal vinegar to take home, using the herbal blend of your choice.  

Pre-registration required for the workshop.  Sign up HERE

The Moon & You

  A four part workshop series

We'll meet once a week over a four week period to follow the moon's passage through a full cycle from waxing to full to waning to new, looking its influence on us, on the plants, the water and the earth as it cycles.  We'll also study the moon's passage through the various signs of the zodiac throughout the month, examining how we are affected both individually and collectively at every turn.    We'll look at the ideal times for planting, harvesting and processing herbs, as well as the best times to engage in or hold back from engaging in particular activities in our own lives by syncing up with the moon's travels and the cosmic "weather". 

The concepts covered are influenced by biodynamic farming principles, medical astrology, herbal medicine and nutrition.

Workshops will be held at BY THE MOON clinic and studio in Belleville ON.

Thursdays November 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th  6:30-8:30 pm



You can now book appointments with me in Belleville!

Tuesdays 1-8 pm & Thursdays 10 am-5 pm at By The Moon, a beautiful new clinic located at 308 North Front St, 2nd floor. 

(It's a holistic fertility and pregnancy clinic, but I'm seeing people there with all sorts of health concerns, not limited to this theme) 

I'm also booking Skype consults regularly for those who can't make it in to see me in person.  CONTACT ME to book.

HAWTHORN HERBALS' delicious WILD HERB SALT is  available at 

Tincture & Tonic Apothecary  Toronto

Lily's Cafe   289 Main St  Picton

Stanners Vineyards Hillier

Pick up a jar of this vibrant green, mineral-rich sea salt.  It's a tasty way to include nutritious local wild greens in your daily diet.  

Green salt!  What a beautiful idea!

 The HAWTHORN HERBAL CLINIC is continues to be open for Health Consultations  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

I offer affordable natural, safe & effective approaches to restorative health using herbs, nutrition and guidance to support a healthy, balanced lifestyle, specific to your needs.  

Click HERE to contact me with your inquiries, or to book an appointment at any time.  I would love to hear from you!