The Plant Immersion Program

A Deep Dive into Plant Connection

Join us for a journey of plant study that spans far beyond books and stories.  This program is intended for someone who already has some knowledge of plants as healing agents, and wishes to take it to another level.   It's for those looking to narrow their lens and intensify their focus to discover unique characteristics and nuances within plants.   Through this work, the plants' medicine is illuminated, and a space opens up in which the plants can step in to become our teachers, our muses and our friends.

The program was originally offered only to those who had completed the Experiential Herbalism program, however this year I am also making space available for others who would suit the program well.


In the Plant Immersion Program, each participant works with one particular plant throughout the entire season.  Through committed focus on the plant, as well as recorded impressions through writing, drawing and other forms of expression, there is much that is gleaned.  I offer a framework, and guided support as needed, but this learning is largely self directed, so that you have the opportunity to explore in any direction that you feel pulled.  As the season progresses, the learning eventually moves into a study of recorded knowledge, experience and lore surrounding the plant, which continues to enhance the immersion and deepen the connection between plant and person. 

At each class, each participant shares some of their discoveries with the group.  At a particular time, each participant will also prepare and share with the group a medicine made from their plant.  While you work closely with your own special plant, you also have the opportunity to glean the teachings from others as they move through the same process with a different plant. 

The medicine of plants is multifaceted and ever-evolving.  Learning plant medicine never stops.  It is not just a physical medicine to be taken internally or applied topically, but it has a powerful energy component that can inspire and transform.  The Plant Immersion Program aims to open the doors to this possibility, and to hold space for it to take shape.

At each class, we will also focus on one of the elements (air, water, fire, earth, ether), examining the ways that they show up in the plants that we're studying, as well as in other plants that we encounter here.   Becoming more familiar with the elemental influences on the plants, and on humans, we can find more wisdom in choosing particular medicines and foods for our wellness at particular times.

The program runs on Sundays, from June-October 2023.  Each class runs from 10 am - 4pm on the following dates:


June 4th

July 9th

Aug 13th

Sept 10th

Oct 1st

A delicious plant based lunch is included, infused with some of the wild and locally cultivated foods of the season, and prepared by my husband, Chef Chris Byrne

The Plant Immersion Program takes place here at our farm in beautiful Prince Edward County.

For this type of program, I prefer to limit space to a small group.

Please CONTACT ME if you're interested in signing up, or learning more.

Course Fee: $750 before April 30th   $800 thereafter

I am open to flexible payment instalment plans