Herb Garden Consults




A Home Medicine Garden is a cultivated garden planted with specific medicinal herbs that will meet the health needs of all those in your household.  

It gives you access to your own herbal medicine, grown by you, right in your garden!

To help you get started in planting your own medicine garden, I provide Herb Garden Consultations for people in the Quinte area. 


 A Herb Garden Consult involves:

  • A short health consultation to assess the particular health needs of all those in your household.

  • An assessment of your garden site to determine the plants that would most suitably grow there.

  •  Identification of useful wild medicinal plants already growing in or near the garden (remember that many weeds are useful medicines!)

  •  A list of medicinal plants for your specific health needs that would grow well in your garden.

  • Suggestions on garden design and layout, with ideas on companion planting, pollinator-friendly plants, garden aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

  •  Access to seeds, seedlings, transplants or seed/plant suppliers to help fill your medicine garden with herbs!


RATES   cropped-hawthorn-herbals-leaf2.png

$150 for one household member

$40 for each additional household member

I also offer a combined service that includes a more comprehensive health consultation along with an herb garden consult.  More info HERE

Please click HERE contact me with any questions regarding a Herb Garden Consult, and/or to book one.

Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca--one of my favourite herbs for many women's health issues