What does an Herbalist do?

An herbalist is an alternative health practitioner who uses plants as medicine.

An herbalist works with his/her clients to find and correct the root causes of illness. Treatment is geared towards achieving health and balance of the whole body, mind and emotions, while focusing on alleviating specific symptoms at the same time.

In this way, the process of healing can be a positively transformative experience.

An herbalist will usually offer some diet and lifestyle recommendations to support the process of healing.

In Ontario, Registered Herbalists have earned the qualifications and training to meet the regulatory standards of the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA).

Registered Herbalists are trained to work safely alongside allopathic medical treatment, so that a herbal remedy can safely be given to a client who is also taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal remedies are known to work gently with the body, gradually restoring it to a state of health and supporting it through the process of healing.

Herbalists treat many different kinds of health challenges.  Some examples include:

allergies, arthritis, asthma (and other respiratory conditions), autimmune disorders, cancer, depression, diabetes, digestive issues, eczema (and many other skin condtitions), heart disease, circulatory conditions, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, anxiety, low-immunity,  reproductive issues, and much more than this…