Combined Herb Garden and Health Consults

 … Growing Your Medicine can be Part of the Healing Process…


Are you facing health challenges and looking for natural healing support?

Are you interested in cultivating the plants that will become your medicine?

I provide a combined service that gives you the tools to do both.


Here’s what it involves:

  • A 90-120 minute Health Consultation (more info HERE )


        ……combined with

  • A Home Medicine Garden Consult (more info HERE)


With this service, you and I will establish together a protocol of natural healing, suited specifically to you and your needs.  

It will be based around herbs, nutrition, exercise and self-care.  

You’ll be the cultivator and eventual harvester of the food and medicine to support your own healing.

The very act of being and working in a medicine garden has many healing benefits.



$250 for initial Combined Health and Garden Consult

$80 for follow-ups

You can Book, or Inquire more HERE