Rates for Health Consultations & Herbal Remedies

PLEASE NOTE:  In response to the current pandemic, all health consultations are being offered on a Pay-What-You-Can basis.  The rates listed below reflect my fees before switching to this new model.  I’ve left them there for reference, however at this time, I will accept payment in any amount. I am also willing to barter for services.    

All consultations are held on line or by phone.  Herbs can be delivered or picked up as appropriate.

CURRENT RATES (All Rates are now “Pay What You Can”)

$130 initial visit                   1.5-2 hours

$70  follow-up visits           1 hour 

$40 short consult                30 min

$20 mini check in                15-20 min


HST will be added to the cost of each health consult

The number of follow-ups will vary with each case, depending on your individual needs.

* For more info on what to expect in a health consultation, please click HERE

HERBAL REMEDIES  (please note, the rates for remedies are fixed)

*Remedies will last at least 6 weeks

Tincture                                            $5-$15

Tea                                                    $10-$25

Salve                                                 $10-$15

*Payment by cash, cheque or credit card accepted at time of appointment.  E-transfer payments are also accepted.

Please contact me to inquire further or to book a health consultation.