Rates for Health Consultations & Herbal Remedies

It is important to me to ensure that all who need treatment have access to it. 

I understand that certain financial situations can make it difficult to access alternative health care when it’s needed.

For this reason, I always offer two sets of rates to everyone.  I leave it to you to choose which is most suitable.


$100 for the first visit  &   $60 for follow-up visits*


$60 for the first visit    &  $40 for follow-up visits*

* The number of follow-up visits will vary with each case, depending on your individual needs.

~I’m also always open to bartering.

* For more info on what to expect in a health consultation, please click HERE


*Remedies will last at least 6 weeks

Tincture                                            $5-$15

Tea                                                    $5-$25

Salve                                                 $5-$15

*Payment by cash, cheque or credit card accepted at time of appointment

Please contact me to inquire further or to book a health consultation.